Floods destroyed millions of homes

gray scale photo of trees

Floods are a big natural disaster in several countries like India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, and more countries. Every year’s each country loses thousands of homes and lives. India has one of the most flood disasters from other countries. During of rainy season, the chances of floods get increase.

Floods are caused by the dam breaking down in some areas. Changing of climate is a very big issue. Our earth’s temperature is rising every year repeatedly. Increasing temperature makes a big change in the climate. The altering of climate creates hugely impact on the season that we follow. Most of the farmers follow the season and grow their grains accordingly. After that, they grow paddy during the rainy season and wheat in winter. However, altering the climate create issues like unwanted rain even less rain. Therefore, this way of disaster destroyed their grown farms. Some places get very heavy rainfall without any probability and resulting in floods disasters. This is the phenomenon of weather changing.

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